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3 Ways to Create a Successful Company Culture in Real Estate October 10, 2019

Logan Square, Chicago
3 Ways to Create a Successful Company Culture in Real Estate, Chicago, Illinois

Your real estate business will only be as successful as the brokerage you work with. Sometimes agents find themselves having difficulty acquiring great leads, improving their reach, and streamlining their processes. Fortunately, by improving your company culture, you’ll breed positivity and productivity, improving everyone’s bottom line. Here are three ways to create a company culture that improves real estate success. 

How to Improve Company Culture & Foster Agent Productivity

1. Commit to Superior Training

Life as a new real estate agent can be stressful, especially if your employees aren’t certain how to handle certain deals or situations with buyers or sellers. By taking the time to focus on training, you can prevent roadblocks and streamline the sales process, boosting morale and commissions. When someone new joins your firm, take the time to go through everything with them concept by concept so they don’t have any questions. Continue to be available to new hires and the rest of the team to improve a sense of community. 

2. Promote Promotion 

real estateEncourage your real estate team to promote one another by doing things like sharing listing leads, talking with buyers and home sellers about other opportunities, and never speaking negatively about other agents. Encourage your agents to promote not only their own business but their peers who may be more comfortable handling different types of transactions. You can do this by asking your team to carry business cards for different agents with them at all times. 

3. Make Work Fun

Instead of just focusing on work, take the time to encourage positive company morale by doing fun things together. Go on a hiking or camping trip, have company parties, and host dinners for your real estate agents and their families. As with any company, a team that gets along together succeeds together. 


When you’re ready to take your real estate business to the next level, turn to EXIT Realty Upper Midwest. As a leader in the industry, EXIT has made waves by giving over a quarter of a billion dollars back to their employees and their families through ongoing residuals and beneficiary benefits, fostering a superior company culture. Learn more about their profit structure and residuals by visiting their website. Ask about becoming part of their team by giving their office a call at (651) 505-3570.

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