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Your Guide to Auto Glass Stress Cracks August 20, 2019

Cincinnati, Hamilton
Your Guide to Auto Glass Stress Cracks, Cincinnati, Ohio

Windshield cracks are an issue many drivers will face, and if you can’t recall an impact, your auto glass may be experiencing a stress crack. While windshields are designed to last, they’re susceptible to environmental damage. If the cracks obstruct the driver’s field of vision, it can quickly become a hazard and lead to a ticket, which is why you should never delay repairs.

Understanding Stress Cracks

What Are They?

Stress cracks usually appear on auto glass for no apparent reason. There’s usually no point of impact that the cracks are leading out from or any small impressions or chips on the surface. Stress cracks have several causes. Temperature changes can lead to cracking, such as using hot water to melt a frozen windshield.

auto-glass-glasspro-incExtreme pressure changes, possibly from shockwaves sent from a demolition site or an earthquake, can also cause cracking. Some windshields simply become weak over time or from previous damage, which can lead to more cracking. Stress cracks will only worsen, which is why auto glass repairs are essential.

How Are Stress Cracks Repaired?

Not all stress cracks can be repaired. If they begin on the edge of the windshield or are contaminated with debris, you’ll need a total windshield replacement. The same goes for if the cracking has spread into your field of vision. Small cracks in the center of the windshield can be filled with resin. This will stabilize the crack so it can’t spread further. Never wait for repairs; more extensive cracking will warrant a replacement.


If you need auto glass repairs or a replacement, the professionals at GlassPro, Inc. will fulfill all your needs. Serving Cincinnati, OH, this fully insured company handles windshield repairs and replacements, window repairs, and custom glass repairs for home windows. Explore all their services on their website and call (513) 874-6559 to speak with representative or an auto glass repair technician.

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