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3 Myths About Roof Trusses August 21, 2019

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3 Myths About Roof Trusses, Clarksville, Arkansas

Like all building methods, roof framing has evolved with technology and time. Today, builders often choose a stronger, more maintenance-free process that uses trusses instead of stick framing. While stick framing requires cutting boards and assembling the roof one piece at a time, top-quality trusses are fabricated offsite to meet specifications with precision. They’re then delivered and installed quickly. Despite all of their proven advantages, myths about roof trusses persist. Here are three of the biggest misconceptions and the truth behind them.

The 3 Most Popular Myths About Roof Trusses

1. Trusses Cost More Than Stick Framing

For houses of identical design, the cost of using trusses for roof construction is usually lower than stick framing. Once completed, maintaining a truss-framed roof often costs less as well. Stick-framed roofs often need more repairs due to their lesser structural strength and tend to have more bounce than a trussed roof.  

2. Stick-Framed Roofs are Faster and Easier to Build

It’s also a common misconception that truss-framed roofs take longer to build due to ordering, offsite manufacturing, and the time to deliver. This is not true. Ordering the perfect trusses for a standard project usually involves a simple phone call order with few key details. Once delivered, installation is much more efficient since most of the work is already done.  

3. Roof Trusses Don’t Provide Attic Storage Space

trussesThis is one of the greatest misunderstandings about truss construction. While it’s true that trusses are built using a web of triangular forms, every truss structure is customizable based upon unique needs. Once your expert truss engineer is aware that you want room for storage, the truss can easily be designed to accommodate this requirement. Also, attic rooms can be planned and built into the truss plan, including conveniences like stair access.


Whether you’re designing a new home or planning to remodel your existing roof, it pays to consider the benefits of trusses. In the greater Clarksville, AR, area, H & H Truss & Supply has been creating durable roof-truss solutions for local communities for over 30 years. To learn more about the process of your next roof construction project, contact them online or call (479) 754-4999 today.

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