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How Often Should You Seal a Asphalt Driveway? August 7, 2019

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How Often Should You Seal a Asphalt Driveway?, 9, Tennessee

Asphalt remains an in-demand driveway material thanks to its affordability, durability, and low maintenance. As a key to this durability, paving companies recommend seal coating asphalt driveways periodically to keep them in excellent condition and subsequently avoid untimely replacements. Here’s a closer look at why this treatment is so important and how often you should schedule it.

Why Seal Coating Is Important for Asphalt

Why Is It Beneficial?

When it’s properly applied, quality seal coating materials provide outstanding water resistance. Moisture and water seep into unsealed asphalt at a faster rate, resulting in serious damage from freeze-thaw cycles, which can be an issue even in the temperate South. Water also infiltrates cracks in unsealed asphalt, causing them to expand and the underlying material to deteriorate.

seal coatingSeal coating protects your asphalt driveway from harsh UV rays and oxygen that expedite the corrosion process. Asphalt is also more vulnerable to heat without a barrier layer and may become pliable. The barrier layer additionally protects your driveway from gasoline, motor oil, and other chemical-related deterioration that impact its use and appearance. Coatings are therefore preventive measures that save money over time. Maintenance is even easier because you’re working with a smooth surface.

How Often Should Your Driveway Be Sealed?

Paving companies typically recommend getting your asphalt driveway resealed every two to three years. If you live in an area with more extreme weather, you may want to schedule resealing on an annual basis to prevent freeze-thaw issues. Keep in mind you can schedule resealing any time you notice cracks or other damage requiring immediate attention. Asphalt driveways last about 30 years with periodic seal coating and routine cleaning. 


Schedule seal coating with Bennett Paving LLC, the paving company serving Putnam County, TN, since 1970. The team provides residential as well as commercial services to keep driveways and parking lots smooth and blemish-free. Call (931) 858-4596 today to get a free estimate or visit the company online for service information. 

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