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6 Ways Renters Insurance Protects You July 31, 2019

Meadville, Crawford
6 Ways Renters Insurance Protects You, Meadville, Pennsylvania

If you live in an apartment or other leased space, it’s worth the investment of having renters insurance to protect your possessions. While this coverage provides some commonly known features, you may be surprised at some of its lesser-known protections. Here are six of the most important protections commonly provided by renters insurance.

6 Features of Renters Insurance

1. Personal Property

Renters insurance will pay for the repair or replacement costs of your personal property if they are damaged or stolen, from flat screens and furniture to laptops and clothing.

2. Protection While Traveling

renters-insuranceEven while or vacation or a business trip, your property is still covered under renters insurance. For instance, if an item is lost or stolen while traveling on a cruise, most policies may pay for the recovery.

3. Natural Disasters

If your items are damaged by a natural disaster, your policy will likely cover them. This includes items damaged by storms, hail, wind, lightning, snow, ice, and fallen tree branches.

4. Items in a Car

Renters insurance often typically protects personal possessions kept in your vehicle as well. If an act of burglary or vandalism occurs and your cell phone or other items are stolen or damaged, you can submit a claim to recover them.

5. Temporary Living Expenses

After a fire or flood occurs, it may not be safe to live in your rental property until the damages are repaired. Renters insurance will typically cover temporary living expenses, including hotel stays.

6. Personal Liability

If a guest is injured in your apartment, your policy will pay for their medical expenses. Depending on the coverage, it may also extend to any lawsuit judgments filed by the injured person.



Since 1992, Quinn Agency, LLC in Meadville, PA has been the firm individuals have turned to for affordable and reliable renters insurance. The family-owned agency specializes in personalized attention and providing you with customized coverage designed from a variety of insurance providers. For a free, no-obligation quote, call (814) 337-2766 or go online. You can also check out the Quinn Agency’s Nationwide Insurance website.

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