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Do’s & Don’ts of Diamond Care August 16, 2019

Central Florence, Florence
Do’s & Don’ts of Diamond Care, Florence, Kentucky

Diamonds are a beautiful, enduring symbol of love and commitment, and you want them to continue shimmering for years to come. Whether it’s an engagement ring, family heirloom, of casual everyday wear, there are guidelines to follow when caring for yours. Use the following tips for safe cleaning and the best results.


Clean monthly.

Your diamonds accumulate oil, so aim to clean them once a month. Monthly cleaning will keep them sparkling brightly and ensure they aren’t becoming a breeding ground for germs. Diamonds have a lot of grooves, similar to your teeth, which is why a toothbrush is a useful at-home cleaning tool.

Store them correctly.

diamondsIf your diamond jewelry is only for special occasions, store it in a safe place in a fabric-lined jewelry box or bag. Never store any other pieces with it. The fabric should be lint-free, because even small particles may mar diamonds. In a pinch, use a clean Ziploc® bag.


Use the wrong cleaners.

The wrong cleaners, such as chlorine-based products, will tarnish a diamond. Instead, use a simple combination of dishwashing soap and water. Softly scrub the diamond, being careful not to touch the gem with your fingers, and rinse with warm water. Wait 15 seconds, then rinse with cold water and dry.

Skip professional cleanings.

While at-home cleanings can keep your diamond bright, professional cleanings will ensure it lasts. Jewelers have superior cleaning products and know the ins and outs of diamond care. Aim to have yours cleaned every 6 months to a year, or sooner, if you think something is wrong.


For over 40 years, Klass Jewelers has provided stunning engagement rings and wedding bands to residents of Greater Cincinnati. This family-owned and -operated business is proud to call Florence, KY, home. They carry diamonds in a variety of cuts and karats, whether premade or custom-crafted by their CAD designers. Call (859) 525-7500 to speak with the staff, and visit their website to learn more about ring selections and services. Connect with them on Facebook for news and updates.

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