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How to Choose the Right Kind of Fence  August 20, 2019

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How to Choose the Right Kind of Fence , Willow Springs, Missouri

Choosing a fence for your business, farm, or recreational site can be overwhelming. There are many choices of materials, from wood to steel piping. Check the advice below to choose the perfect type of fencing for your needs.

Tips for Deciding on a Fence Material

1. Residential Neighborhoods

Homeowners have perhaps the highest number of choices available, as residential fencing may not have the same structural and security requirements as businesses or public areas. They type of material is dependent on use, climate, and budget. Wood fences look appealing and can provide privacy, but may have higher installation, material, and maintenance costs than chain-link, PVC, or vinyl options. Customized steel piping or fabricated fences are options for homeowners who want a combination of privacy, security, and durability.

2. Farms & Recreation Areas

If you’re building fencing for farmland, consider precut fence posts made from steel piping and combined with wire or electrical fencing. This type of fence is the most economical for large areas; it keeps animals in or out and creates a visual property boundary. Smaller properties may want to use continual fence panels, vinyl, or PVC fencing, especially if security is crucial. Maintenance-free, weather-resistant chain-link fencing is an inexpensive option for playgrounds, sports fields, and other recreation areas.

3. Commercial Businesses

structural steelBusinesses typically prioritize security and privacy in their fencing, sometimes adding security gates. In these cases, aesthetics may be less of a concern. Steel piping offers strength, durability, and security. Masonry fences are also durable and provide privacy, but installation is more expensive. Aluminum is a smart option for those who do not need privacy fencing, and it can mimic the look of steel or other materials. As with residential fences, business owners must consider the climate and maintenance costs of various materials. Metal fences, while often not as aesthetically pleasing, offer the top durability for a variety of climates.


Building a fence is an investment, so choose the right materials for your needs. Pipe Plus, Inc., in Willow Springs, MO, offers metal fabrication and steel piping for fence posts, continuous fence panels, and other farm equipment. Call (417) 469-5292 to discuss your project, or visit the website to learn more about their services.

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