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3 Tips for Choosing New Bathroom Faucets August 22, 2019

3 Tips for Choosing New Bathroom Faucets, ,

Every feature is essential in your bathroom remodeling project. Even a small item, such as a faucet, is an important decision that will directly affect the function and look of the space. Use the tips below to choose the right faucets for your new bathroom.

3 Aspects to Keep in Mind When Selecting New Faucets

1. Finish

You will notice that there are a wide variety of finishes on the market, including bright gold, rubbed bronze, and stainless steel. Visit a showroom to see which types you like, and look at other bathroom remodeling projects to get inspiration for design styles. For example, stainless steel is popular in contemporary bathrooms, while a rubbed bronze fits in a rustic design. Consider the maintenance of these products as well. Polished finishes look sharp but will require more care than a brushed finish. A purposely tarnished faucet will better hide dirt, water spots, and fingerprints.

2. Water Usage

bathroom remodelingReducing your water consumption should be a priority in your bathroom remodeling project, and your faucet is an easy way to accomplish this. Look for faucets that conform to the WaterSense criteria. This U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program uses third-party testing to determine whether a faucet uses 1.5 gallons per minute or less. This is a substantial change from older faucets, which often use over 2.5 gallons per minute.

3. Fit

If you fit a new faucet on an existing sink, then you need a configuration that will fit the holes in the sink. One hole can use a single-handled or smaller two-handled faucet. A sink with three holes close together, known as a centerset, accommodates a single-handled or two-handled faucet mounted on a plate. A sink with three holes spread apart, or widespread sink, is suitable for larger two-handled faucets.

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