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How to Choose Between a Dog Collar & Harness August 5, 2019

Washington Heights, Manhattan
How to Choose Between a Dog Collar & Harness, Manhattan, New York

Exercise is an important part of keeping your pet healthy, but this also means you need to have the right dog collar to ensure their safety when going for a walk or to the dog park. There are several different styles to choose from when picking out a dog collar, and each has its own set of advantages depending on your specific needs. To determine the best solution for your pet, consider the following differences and benefits to each choice.

When Is a Dog Collar the Right Choice?  

dog collarWhen you picture a dog collar, you likely think of this style of protection first. A collar is a single strap that is worn comfortably around your dog’s neck and buckles for a secure fit. While it’s a simple design, a regular dog collar can offer many benefits and comes in several different styles, colors, and designs. This type of collar is typically more comfortable, is easy to use, and can be worn all day, which means tags and licenses will always be present on your dog. However, if your dog frightens or scares easy when going for a walk, they may be able to wriggle out of this type of collar more easily than a harness.

When Is a Harness the Best Option?

A harness is another product used to help you safely control your dog when out for walks. This type of collar fits around the dog’s torso and chest and can offer a more effective way to provide guidance while walking your dog. Harnesses are available in many different materials, allowing you to find the right look for your canine companion. Harnesses also boast several advantages as well, including a lower risk of choking because of where it is worn. It is also ideal for dogs that have a tendency to lunge or try to take the lead. It can be more difficult to attach licenses to; however, you can keep those on hand when taking your dog out.



If you’re looking for a selection of dog collars and harnesses for your pet, talk to the professionals at Pet Fashion and Grooming in Manhattan’s Hudson Heights. In addition to providing pet owners with the supplies and products they need to care for their furry friends, they also offer grooming, daycare, and boarding services. To learn more about their services, visit them online or call (347) 726-9409.

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