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3 Maintenance Tips for Your Door Locks August 16, 2019

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3 Maintenance Tips for Your Door Locks, Fairfield, Ohio

The regular locking and unlocking of door locks will eventually lead to some degree of diminished function. Without regular maintenance to counter wear, you may have to replace locks sooner than necessary. But with proper upkeep, you can extend their life span. Use this guide to ensure your locks are easy to use and won't prematurely fail.

A Guide to Door Lock Care

1. Inspect Door Gap

If the door where the lock is installed does not hang true, it can put pressure on the latch or bolt and cause a lock to fail. Inspect the gaps between the door and its frame on all four sides. They should appear even. If the space above the door is wider than elsewhere, for instance, the hinges may need reconfiguring, screws may require replacing, or the door may need resizing. 

2. Lubricate the Cylinder

door locksStandard door locks consist of a system of pins and springs inside a cylinder. To keep these parts working correctly and prevent your key from sticking, oil the cylinder whenever you struggle to turn the key or have difficulty removing it. 

3. Clean Regularly

Doors locks, especially exterior ones, accumulate dirt and dust over time. Use warm water and mild soap to remove any buildup and dry surfaces with soft toweling. Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals, which will damage the finish and mar the shine.


Even with the best maintenance, door locks should be replaced every so often to maintain home security. When it's time to update yours, turn to the professionals at Central Safe & Lock for trusted locksmith services. They provide lock and key repair, rekey, and installation services to homes and businesses in the Greater Cincinnati, OH, area. Call them today at (513) 887-1870 to schedule an appointment or for emergency lockout assistance. Visit their website for more information about their services.

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