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3 Questions to Ask an In-Home Pediatric Nurse Before Hiring Them August 26, 2019

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3 Questions to Ask an In-Home Pediatric Nurse Before Hiring Them, Suffern, New York

Taking care of an ailing child is a big responsibility, and you want to be certain you're hiring the best in-home pediatric nurse to handle the demands of the job. Also, you want to feel comfortable inviting them into your home and making them an integral part of your child's care team. To help in the hiring process, below are three important questions to ask when interviewing an in-home pediatric nurse.

Questions to Ask an In-Home Pediatric Nurse

1. How Long Have You Been a Nurse?

pediatric nurseNursing education is thorough and intensive, and graduates emerge from school fully prepared to meet the challenges of their new careers. With that said, pediatric nursing is a specialized career field that requires some extensive hands-on experience. While there's no right or wrong answer to this question, many parents feel more comfortable hiring someone with at least a few years of pediatric experience under their belts. This helps the patient and their loved ones feel confident in the nurse's abilities and in their capacity to provide the highest levels of care.

2. Do You Have References I Can Check?

Checking references can give you a good idea of how a nurse works, the relationships they form with their clients, and how reliable they are. An in-home pediatric nurse should be able to give you at least a couple of references that you can contact. Ask the previous clients what their experience was like with the nurse in question, and inquire about whether they would hesitate to hire the nurse again if the need ever arose. If the nurse has not done in-home care before, see if there are other work references you can check.

3. Do You Have Reliable Transportation?

Dependability is key when hiring an in-home nurse. You need to know that they will be able to arrive on time for every scheduled shift. Ask if they have reliable transportation that will get them to and from your home without issue. A professional who utilizes public transportation should never be excluded from consideration; just make sure their shifts correspond to the operating hours of your city's public transit system.


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