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The Top 4 Home Features for Senior Citizens August 16, 2019

Bloomery, Hampshire
The Top 4 Home Features for Senior Citizens, Bloomery, West Virginia

With age, everyday activities become more challenging, so design your custom home with this in mind. Consider mobility, lifestyle, and how the house should accommodate your needs. Check the following guide for features every homeowner should prepare for.

What Seniors Designing a Home Should Include

1. Walk-In Capability

Many seniors struggle with keeping balance while standing and walking, so design your home with walk-in features. Walk-in closets and showers help promote a sense of independence and safety, especially if you live alone. Your relatives will also likely rest easier knowing you have more space to navigate.

2. Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are excellent for those with mobility concerns. Some seniors use wheelchairs or walkers to get around, and designing a custom home with an open floor plan provides enough room to move freely without bumping into anything. These floor plans also allow natural light to shine through the windows, which can boost mood.

custom home3. Wide Hallways

Designing a custom home with wide hallways and doors keeps passageways clear and open. Not only is this useful for getting around, but it also allows you to move large furniture more efficiently during the moving process.

4. Low Maintenance

Vintage homes are beautiful but can require tedious upkeep. Modern houses are generally easier to maintain and offer longevity throughout all the stages of life. Design your home with convenient features such as low light switches and raised outlets to prevent uncomfortable bending or reaching.


Think ahead when designing your house so that you don’t have to reconstruct it later. Hampshire Home Builders have been the custom home professionals in Capon Bridge, WV, for 33 years. Providing accuracy and detail with every design, they create homes based on your lifestyle and needs. If you’re looking for a reliable contractor who specializes in home development, call (304) 856-3875, or visit the website for more information.

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