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A Brief Guide to Malware August 15, 2019

Montgomery, Montgomery
A Brief Guide to Malware, Montgomery, Ohio

Every computer network is vulnerable to hackers, data thieves, and cybercriminals who use a variety of tools to gain access. One of the most insidious cybersecurity threats is malware, which can cripple your systems, cost your organization thousands of dollars in lost revenue, and exhaust your IT support team. Here’s what you should know about malware and how it can impact your network security and data.

What Is Malware?

it supportMalware is any kind of malicious software designed to damage computer systems and exploit vulnerabilities. Malware programs might be used to steal financial information, access sensitive information, or destroy hardware. Viruses, Trojans, adware, and spyware are all various form of malware.

How Malware Is Spread

Malware is usually disguised to look legitimate. It might hide inside altered versions of trusted programs. Viruses can also be spread by clicking on an email link or downloading a photo with malicious code buried inside. Many cybercriminals also run ads on respected websites that can corrupt a computer if users click through.

How to Prevent Malware

A skilled IT support team can install antivirus software and harden your network against intrusion, but educating employees should be a principal means of defense. Anyone with access to your systems should be taught to recognize suspicious emails and links and to spot fake profiles and software packages. Because the consequences of a malware infection can be dire, every organization should frequently train and retrain employees and always keep their antivirus protections updated.


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