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Why Is it So Hard to Find Vinyl Records From the '90s? August 12, 2019

Nashville-Davidson, Davidson
Why Is it So Hard to Find Vinyl Records From the '90s?, Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

Have you been searching for some of your favorite vinyl records from the 1990s with no luck? You’re not the only one. Unfortunately, because of the advances in music technology from the late ‘80s to the mid-2000s, fewer vinyl albums were pressed during the '90s than previous decades had seen. This doesn’t mean that these albums are impossible to find—you might just need to look a little harder and ask your local record shop for help.

Why ‘90s Vinyl Records Are Rarer Than Others

New Music Formats Were Invented

The cassette tape was quite popular in the 1980s, but in the latter part of the decade, compact discs began to overtake vinyl as the most popular music medium. For years, it was thought that vinyl was a dinosaur. 

Record companies wanted to push the new digital CDs, so they stopped offering record stores as much credit for returning unsold vinyl records as they had in the past. Because of this, record stores stopped ordering as much vinyl, and less of it was bought and put into circulation. After the initial hit to vinyl sales in the late ‘80s, the format reached an all-time low during the mid-2000s when digital music downloads were introduced.

The Market for New LP Records Dropped in the ‘90s

vinyl recordsWith the advent of CDs, LP records were the first to take a hit in sales. People began buying albums on discs rather than choosing the vinyl alternatives. There was, however, still a thriving market for vinyl singles. Many radio stations continued to use them while most vinyl single jukeboxes weren’t replaced for many years to come. This means that there are probably more singles to be found than full albums if you’re searching for ‘90s vinyl.

The Recent Vinyl Resurgence

The good news is that with the recent resurgence of vinyl records, many of your favorite albums from the ‘90s may be introduced back into circulation. Meanwhile, many people have taken advantage of the rise in vinyl popularity to sell their old collections. Keep an eye out during your crate-digging so you don’t pass up those rare vintage LPs from the ‘90s. If the albums you’re looking for were particularly popular or hold a lot of wide nostalgic value, a vinyl reissue might be on the horizon as well.


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