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4 Common Causes of Chimney Problems August 15, 2019

Independence, Kenton
4 Common Causes of Chimney Problems, Independence, Kentucky

Every chimney and fireplace should be inspected annually to identify problems that require chimney repairs. Here’s a guide to some of the common maintenance issues with chimneys and advice about how to minimize damage.

What Causes of Chimney Damage?

1. Blockages

A blockage caused by debris, leaves, or deteriorating brick can impede airflow. If fireplace smoke or fumes fill your home, your chimney may be blocked. Extinguish the fire and do not relight the fireplace until a reputable company has swept any blockages away and rebuilt the masonry.

2. Cracks

Chimney repairsIf your chimney cap, crown, or masonry is cracked or damaged, water can leak into your chimney and walls. You may notice water pools or stains. Some water leaks may go undetected until repeated episodes of freezing and thawing force the masonry to break. But a professional can spot unseen water damage with cameras and specialized equipment and then apprise you of any necessary chimney repairs.

3. Creosote Buildup

The source of most chimney fires is creosote—a highly flammable byproduct of wood-burning fireplaces and stoves. As hot smoke and vapor from fires travel up a cool chimney, condensation forms and leaves a creosote residue on chimney walls. Excessive creosote accumulation is a fire hazard. Contact a qualified service technician to get rid of it.

4. Flashing Seals

Homebuilders install aluminum flashing at the base of a chimney where it joins the roof to keep water out. Waterproof tar is layered on to seal the flashing. Eventually, however, the waterproofing will fail. If your flashing isn't replaced or resealed periodically, leaking and additional damage will be the result.


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