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3 Fixes for Common PS4™ Problems August 21, 2019

Flower Mound, Denton
3 Fixes for Common PS4™ Problems, Flower Mound, Texas

Sitting down to enjoy a gaming session and finding out your PS4™ is on the fritz is beyond frustrating. There are countless components and any one of them can be causing trouble. Luckily, it’s rare they’re ever serious. Try the fixes described below before reaching out to PS4 repair professionals if the problem persists.

What’s Wrong With Your PS4?

1. It Randomly Turns Off

If your PS4 repeatedly shuts down for no reason, a blue or red light will usually appear on the power button. First, unplug all cables, including the HDMI and power cable, and plug them back in. If your PS4 is stored in a cabinet, make sure nothing is obstructing the air vents and causing it to overheat. Power it on again and see if the issue is resolved.

2. The Discs Aren’t Reading

ps4 repairSometimes, dust and debris can keep your PS4 from reading a disc. First, make sure your discs are smoothly feeding into the drive. You should then press the eject button to ensure it comes out. Turn the PS4 off, wait one minute, and turn it back on. You can use compressed air to clean the drive and a microfiber cloth and disc-cleaning solution to clean the disc. If the issue continues, especially with multiple discs, seek PS4 repair before you damage your games or system.

3. Failing Audio or Video

If the audio or visual connection suddenly drops, you’ll need to unplug the HDMI cord. Clean the cable and port with compressed air and look for tears or other damage on the cable and wall outlet. Look for any debris inside the connector that may be obstructing a smooth connection. You may need to replace the HDMI cable. If that doesn’t work, a PS4 repair technician can inspect the port and system components to detect the cause.


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