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4 Common Questions About Bail Bonds August 6, 2019

Silver Hill, Davidson
4 Common Questions About Bail Bonds, Silver Hill, North Carolina

If a loved one is arrested, one of the immediate concerns is how to get them out of jail quickly. This is when a bail bond can provide some emotional relief, but if you’ve never had to secure one, the process can be uncertain. Here are several common questions about the process so you’re better prepared for the process.

Frequently Asked Bail Bond Questions

1. What is it?

A bail bond is a form of collateral, such as money or personal property, a person agrees to give to ensure someone who’s been arrested will appear in court at a later date. The transaction is handled by a licensed bail bondsman, who will charge a processing fee. In North Carolina, the amount is up to 15% of the total bail amount set by a judge.

2. What rules must the defendant follow?

bail bondsAs a condition of the bail bond agreement, the defendant is required to appear in court on their scheduled date. Some may have to remain in the state and check in with their attorney for updates. If the defendant doesn’t follow all the rules, the person who posted bail will typically lose the money or property submitted. A warrant will also be issued for the defendant if they don’t appear at trial, which can potentially bring on more charges. 

3. How long does it take to bail someone out of jail?

The amount of time will vary based on the order of court filings and other processing matters. After the judge has established the bail amount and someone has arranged a bond for the person arrested, the bail bondsman submits the documentation to jail officials. From there, it can take as little as an hour for the defendant to be released. 

4. What happens if the defendant is arrested again?

If the person is arrested again after posting bail, the amount paid will be forfeited. Depending on the judge’s decision, the defendant may remain in jail until their court date. If another bail amount is posted, the person getting the defendant out of jail will need to post two premium payments. 


Allied Bonding Company in Lexington, NC understands the bail bond procedure can be intimidating to those not familiar with it. That’s why the team of experienced and professional agents takes the time to walk clients through the entire process. If you need their services, call (336) 239-2270 or visit the website. For your convenience, the firm serves the entire Piedmont Triad area.