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4 Tips For Dealing With Tooth Sensitivity May 22, 2020

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4 Tips For Dealing With Tooth Sensitivity, Mayfield, New York

You don’t need to be a dentist to know when you have sensitive teeth. If you experience pain when you sip cold water or drink hot tea, you likely suffer from tooth sensitivity. While this condition can be irritating, there are ways to manage the symptoms.

How Can You Manage Your Tooth Sensitivity?

1. See Your Dentist

When you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity, it’s important to see your dentist. They can provide a specific diagnosis and recommend treatment. While tooth sensitivity might be a sign of weakened enamel, it could also indicate something more serious like gingivitis or cracked teeth. A checkup with your dentist can offer more clarity.

2. Use a Sensitivity Toothpaste

Sensitivity toothpastes can help desensitize the teeth by blocking pain signals. You can also protect your enamel by gently brushing with a soft toothbrush. Be sure to ask your dentist before purchasing a toothpaste so you can find a brand that’ll work for you.

3. Avoid Acidic Foods 

dentistAcidic foods and beverages can break down your enamel, making your teeth extra sensitive. This includes coffee, black tea, alcohol, citrus fruits, and sugar. While you don’t need to eliminate these foods and drinks completely, it’s best to limit them. As an alternative, enjoy water, herbal tea, cheese, vegetables, beans, and soy.

4. Address Teeth Clenching

Teeth clenching and grinding can wear down your enamel and cause tooth sensitivity. If your dentist notes that this may be a cause of your sensitive teeth, they may recommend that you wear a mouth guard at night. Other measures to avoid clenching include stress reduction techniques and cutting back on caffeine, 


If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, the team at Valley Family Dentistry, PLLC can recommend a treatment plan to match your needs. Our office has been serving families in Mayfield, NY for over 28 years. Whether you are in need of a routine teeth cleaning or implant restorations, our dentists will ensure your comfort in our friendly office environment. We also offer cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve your dream smile. To view a full list of our services, visit us online. You can also call (518) 661-6405 to make an appointment today.

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