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How the Phytoceutical “Diabet” Can Help You Manage Blood Sugar Levels July 29, 2019

Blossom Hill Manor, San Jose
How the Phytoceutical “Diabet” Can Help You Manage Blood Sugar Levels, San Jose, California

Over 450 million people in the world currently have type 2 diabetes. This condition causes the body to mismanage insulin, creating a resistance to the compound and forcing the body to produce more of it to keep up with the demand. Diabet is a plant-based phytoceutical supplement that offers diabetics a 100% natural way to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. If you have this disorder and want to learn more about this product, here’s a guide to what it does and how it may help you.

Your Guide to the Diabet Phytoceutical

Key Ingredient of the Diabet Phytoceutical

phytoceuticalsDiabet draws its glucose-stabilizing power from a liquid extract of the spiral ginger (Costus pictus) plant, which is native to the rainforests of Central and South America. Since its introduction to India in 2002, the plant has been used ornamentally and, more recently, studied for its effects on blood sugar. Ayurvedic practitioners instruct their patients with type 2 diabetes to chew the leaves of these plants, which has garnered attention from conventional doctors. Scientists have speculated that corosolic acid, a compound found in spiral ginger, gives the plant the ability to normalize glucose levels.

Results of Diabet Studies

Peak Health, the developer of Diabet, is the first company to grow spiral ginger in commercial quantities. The company also conducted a clinical trial on 235 patients with type 2 diabetes. While the comprehensive results will be published in a future scientific paper, a participant of the study spoke about his experiences after taking this phytoceutical supplement. Mr. Swaminathan said that, after the 45-day course of Diabet, his fasting glucose levels went from 310 mg/dl to 96 mg/dl and his post-meal glucose levels went from 492 mg/dl to 132 mg/dl.


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