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A Guide to Camera Lens Calibration August 12, 2019

Crescent Springs, Covington
A Guide to Camera Lens Calibration, Covington, Kentucky

Whether you’re an amateur shutterbug or a professional photographer, you may have experienced the frustration of having a camera lens that doesn’t focus as well as it should. Calibrating your lens can make a big difference in how well your camera performs, and it can be beneficial to learn more about the advantages of calibrating your lenses.

Why Calibrate Your Lenses?

Ideally, camera manufacturers would produce perfectly matched lenses, but realistically, the cost would be expensive. Instead, companies manufacture their equipment with “allowable tolerances,” these are parameters preset into the camera that account for a certain level of error the company deems acceptable. By calibrating the front or back focus (or both), you can make corrections to compensate for those allowable tolerances and the best-quality shots for your camera. Some photographers like to make these adjustments themselves, but many prefer to take their equipment to a camera repair technician who can perform the procedure with specially designed software.

How Does Calibration Improve Picture Quality?

cameraCalibration allows you to make the most of today’s high-resolution cameras. With the high number of megapixels available in modern cameras, focus problems become more evident than they would be on a lower-resolution model. When your lens is calibrated correctly, you can view your shots at 100% clarity to capture the detail and still see the whole frame. Precise calibration is especially helpful if you’re shooting portraits, wildlife, or events because you can shoot with your lens wide open and not worry that it’s focusing on the wrong part of the frame. A camera performing at peak capacity creates professional and memorable shots consistently.

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