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The Physical & Mental Health Effects of a Messy Home August 15, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
The Physical & Mental Health Effects of a Messy Home, Lincoln, Nebraska

Home cleaning isn't just about making one’s house look nice. It also has real, noticeable effects on a person’s overall well-being. A cluttered or dirty home can hurt your mood and even harm your physical health in several ways, while a clean one can help you stay happy and fit.

How Mess Affects the Body

First, if you have piles of belongings all over the house, it's difficult to control the buildup of dust and allergens. This means lower air quality, which can, in turn, lead to breathing issues. Furthermore, having items on the floor can be a tripping hazard—perhaps even a fire hazard, since they would be blocking the easiest way out.

How Mess Affects the Mind

home cleaningFurthermore, neglecting home cleaning makes it more difficult to concentrate. This is because your visual cortex, the part of your brain that processes what you see, can be overwhelmed by all the different objects in your view. It also serves as a noticeable reminder of a task that we haven’t done, harming our sense of productivity. For this reason and others, clutter raises stress hormones in your body, triggering behaviors that you might want to avoid—like eating junk food. If your home smells unpleasant, the odor can also affect your mood. Home cleaning eliminates these distractions and stressors.


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