East Village, New York

5 Tips to Pet-Proof Your New Home August 19, 2019

East Village, Manhattan
5 Tips to Pet-Proof Your New Home, Manhattan, New York

The movers have just unloaded your furniture and boxes and before you know it, your dog is getting into everything. Use the following tips to pet-proof your new space, keeping both you and your furry friends happy.

How to Pet-Proof a New House

1. Keep Pets Out of the Move

When movers are unloading the truck, make sure your pet is safely behind closed doors so they don’t run out in the chaos. Choose a space without any potential hazards, like an empty bedroom, and leave your pet with bowls of food and water. You can also arrange to have someone watch your animals until the move is complete.

2. Begin in Dangerous Areas

The kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room should be your priorities; keep pets out of these rooms until all cleaners, tools, gadgets, and other supplies that can pose a hazard are unpacked and put away. Throw out any packing supplies, and make sure to securely close all cabinets and drawers. Also, choose trash cans with lids and keep the toilet lid down.

3. Cover Wires & Outletsmovers

Place covers on all unused outlets to discourage curious pets. When you set up electronics and entertainment units, make sure wires and cords are tucked away to deter them from chewing or pulling on them.

4. Secure Breakables

If you have fragile items like dishes, vases, or mirrors, keep them out of reach of your pets. While unpacking, place these items in rooms your pet will not go into. Try to unpack them early to secure them appropriately. If an object breaks, quickly clean up any shards.

5. Inspect the Outside

Look for plants growing in any outdoor areas that may be toxic to your pet, like cocoa mulch, oleander, chrysanthemums, and lily of the valley. Also, inspect for damaged areas in fencing or holes near gates and fences that may allow your pet to escape.


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