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How Often Does Your Business Need Window Washing? August 6, 2019

Chelsea, Manhattan
How Often Does Your Business Need Window Washing?, Manhattan, New York

If you own or manage a business, you likely understand the importance of keeping a tidy and sanitary space, especially when it comes to attracting clients. However, you might wonder how often you need to schedule professional window washing. While there’s no hard-and-fast answer, these three factors will help you decide when you should hire window washers for your commercial property.

When Does Your Business Need Window Cleaning?

1. Location

Think about the location of the windows on your property. If they are near a road or parking lot, for instance, they may become soiled with dirt and grime, requiring washing more regularly. Windows on higher floors, on the other hand, may not need to be washed as frequently, unless frequent rain or humidity leaves marks and smudges behind.

2. Landscaping

window-washersLandscaping typically plays an important role in window washing frequency, as windows adjacent to trees and bushes often collect leafy debris. Pollen can also be a serious issue in the spring. Animals that feast or nest in your plants and flowers may also cause your windows to get dirty more often. 

3. Window Style

The structure of your windows could also make them more prone to soiling. Inset windows, for instance, typically create a shelf for dirt and debris to collect, which means they need cleaning more often. 

4. Industry Needs 

The nature of your business should also play a role in deciding how often you hire window washers. For example, restaurants typically need window cleaning once every two weeks to prevent grease and moisture from building up and polluting the indoor air. Additionally, healthcare facilities may require window washers at least once per week to prevent the spread of germs and harmful microbes.



Keep your commercial property clean and attractive with window cleaning services from Chelsea Window Cleaning. Since 1986, these window washers have provided residential and commercial window cleaning, including services for high rise buildings, to clients throughout New York, NY. Call (212) 598-5939 to discuss window washing options and visit them online to learn more about their work on facades and awnings. 

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