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3 Clues Washing Machine Repair Is In Order August 12, 2019

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3 Clues Washing Machine Repair Is In Order, Walton Park, New York

If freshly laundered items feel gritty, the type of detergent used probably isn’t the issue. The condition of the washing machine is most likely causing the problem. If the appliance doesn’t cycle properly, it might not be able to rinse soapy suds out of fabric, leaving behind residue. Apart from changes in laundry quality, below are additional signs you need washing repair service.   

3 Signs Your Washing Machine Is Broken

1. Noisy Operation

As the clothes move around in the inner tub, you might hear a low vibration. If a soft hum is replaced by a loud banging sound, the washer might not be level. You can place a book under the appliance to restore balance. If the commotion persists, the drum might be dislodged, making noise as it spins. A broken or wobbly motor can also produce odd sounds when the machine is running. An appliance repair technician can take apart the components to investigate. 

2. Standing Water

appliancesOnce the washing machine switches off, you shouldn’t have to pull the laundry out of a pool of water. If liquid doesn’t drain from the appliance, the pump might be broken. When this happens, it can’t force water into the drain hose during the spin cycle. A bend or clog in the tube can also cause drainage problems.

3. No Movement

When you turn on the washing machine, the drum should start to spin as it fills with water. If you don’t notice movement, check the lid switch. If it’s broken, the drum might stop spinning during various cycles. This can also happen if the drive belt is worn or broken.



To get to the bottom of your washing machine problem, contact the team at Honest & Fair Appliance Repair in Monroe, NY. Since 1976, Orange County residents have sought out the technicians for fast, effective repairs to extend the life of their trusted appliances. To discuss your needs, call (845) 782-0460. Visit the professionals online for a list of appliance repair services they provide.  

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