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3 Exciting Workouts to Enjoy Outside August 15, 2019

North Shore, Waialua
3 Exciting Workouts to Enjoy Outside, Waialua, Hawaii

If your exercise routine starts to seem more mundane than exciting, it may be time to rethink how you approach your workout sessions. A change of scenery coupled with some new activities can make all the difference. By adding some new outdoor routines to your workout — such as running somewhere new or kayaking to explore unfamiliar waters — you can renew your focus and motivation. Here are three outdoor activities to consider.

Fun Outdoor Workouts to Consider

1. Beach Jogging

If you normally jog on pavement or a treadmill, you may be used to a straightforward routine. One way to make it more challenging and exciting is to swap your locale. A plush beach provides beautiful views, plus it reduces the hard impact on your feet and minimizes the odds of suffering from inflammation or injury. Working out on the sand can also improve your conditioning by working muscles that aren’t as engaged when you jog on a treadmill or pavement.

2. Kayaking

Haleiwa, HI kayakingKayaking not only works out your upper body but also helps you stay cool and explore new areas. You can enjoy all of the advantages of spending time outside, like getting fresh air and reducing some stress, while you put all of your energy into navigating the water. It’s a low-impact activity that gives your shoulders, arms, and back a serious workout from start to finish. Since you need to paddle continuously, this can have excellent results for your upper body. 

3. Mountain Hiking

Channel your inner adventurer and take to the nearest mountain trail for a hike. This is a fantastic alternative to your usual speed walking routine, as it engages more muscles and provides you with some fresh scenery to enjoy and new sites to explore as you navigate the trail. It can also help you improve your balance by forcing you to maneuver in unusual ways that keep your body alert.


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