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3 Most Popular Valuables to Pawn July 31, 2019

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3 Most Popular Valuables to Pawn, Honolulu, Hawaii

A pawn shop is a convenient resource when you need quick cash. Knowing which items are most popular will help you get the largest payout. Whether you’re selling the item outright or just pawning it as collateral, the following items are your best bets.

3 Best Items to Pawn for Big Returns

1. Diamonds & Gems

Diamonds, gems, and jewelry featuring either are always welcome at a pawn shop. These high-value items usually appreciate over time since they aren’t mass-produced. A shop can sell them directly or take them to auctions and other events to make a return. If it’s a long-term pawn, they can be confident their investment will only grow, which is why precious stones are always desirable valuables.

2. Precious Metals

You’ve likely seen pawn shops with “Cash for Gold” signs since precious metals are something they’ll always accept. Because the value fluctuates, the pawn broker can wait to sell when the price is highest. Gold, platinum, and silver are the most popular metals that can be pawned as coins, jewelry, trinkets, or in their raw state.

3. Power Tools

pawn-shop-a-happy-pawnPower tools may not have the same monetary value as gems and precious metals, but they sell easily, which is why a pawn shop will always accept them. The brokers want to move inventory quickly, and contractors and DIYers often browse for deals on tools. The shop can mark up the prices, and the constant demand ensures they’ll come out on top with their purchase.


Whether you’re looking to pawn valuables or want deals on pre-owned items, stop by A Happy Pawn in Honolulu, HI. The pawn shop has served the area since 1988 and is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau®. They purchase and sell items like jewelry, tech, and tools, and pay high prices for valuables. Learn more about their services by visiting their website, and call (808) 383-5253 to inquire about what they’re looking for.

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