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How to Choose The Perfect Wedding Band: Custom Wedding Jewelry Explained September 10, 2015

New York, Queens
How to Choose The Perfect Wedding Band: Custom Wedding Jewelry Explained, New York, New York

Your wedding is your special day. While it can be an honor to follow tradition, never lose sight of the fact that this event is all about you and your partner, and that decisions like choosing the perfect wedding band are completely up to your sense of what commitment looks like.  Lafyes Jewelry in Maspeth will help you solidify that vision in a physical ring. With certified diamonds, premium platinum, and computer-aided design software, you can create something as stunning or as simple as you wish.

The following are ideas other people have used for their wedding rings:

  • Traditional Engagement Ring/Wedding Band Sets: A wedding band is simple. Its plain, round shape says only one thing: eternity. Many couples are happy with a simple silver- or gold-plated ring, while others prefer jewel-encrusted decoration all around. Typically, the engagement ring has the most flair out of the two. The two rings should complement each other, but not directly mimic each other either. Ask the wedding jewelry experts at Lafyes Jewlery for examples of what this can look like.
  • Which Hand? Traditionally, the engagement ring is worn on the left hand up until the day of the wedding, when it moves to the right hand. The wedding band is worn on the left, so as to be closest to the heart. To ensure that they wear at the same rate, they should be made of the same metal.
  • Modern Takes: Many couples like to personalize the ring tradition. For example, some think it's romantic to coordinate both rings such that they can be worn on the same finger as a grand unifying design. You can even get them professionally soldered together into one ring before the wedding ceremony—as a literal wedding “bond.” Sometimes a bride and a groom each wear a copy of the same wedding band.

Lafyes Jewelry creates custom wedding jewelry and provides jewelry engraving and watch repair on-site. For more information on wedding band selection, give the store a call at (718) 894-0360 or email your questions to

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