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Kitchen Design From Gaelens Style: Popular Storage Ideas September 7, 2015

Greece, Monroe
Kitchen Design From Gaelens Style: Popular Storage Ideas, Greece, New York

If you’ve been wishing your kitchen featured more storage space, talk to the experts at Gaelens Style in Rochester, NY. The esteemed home remodeling company views renovation and remodeling as an art and creates the stunning, highly practical spaces clients need.

If you're running out of ways to keep your kitchen organized, check out some of the most popular kitchen storage options before discussing possibilities with the Gaelens Style team:

  • Corner Drawers: An effective way to create storage in tight corners, the drawers extend back in a diagonal fashion to provide more space.
  • Walk-in Pantry: This favorite custom kitchen design option can include pull-out drawers or baskets, extensive shelf space, hooks, curved cradles for bottles, and anything else you want.
  • Open Shelves: Storing everyday serving ware and other frequently used items in plain sight via open shelving saves you from digging through cabinets. Open shelves also make excellent use of wall space.


  • Pull-Out Spice Rack: A pull-out spice rack protects spices from heat, sunlight, and moisture, and it saves wall space as well.
  • Basket Storage: Storing vegetables in pull-out, open-weave baskets keeps them fresher for longer, as they’re sitting in a dark, cool, dry place.
  • Pull-Out Trash Cans: Pull-out trash cans are another fantastic pull-out option the Gaelens Style team is happy to create for you. It keeps trash cans hidden and provides more floor space.
  • Cabinet Racks: Adding racks to cabinet door interiors is a great way to optimize already existing storage.

Review these and other custom kitchen design options with the knowledgeable team at Gaelens Style today. The home remodeling company has the experience and the innovative vision to help you transform your kitchen into a modern cooking area you’ll adore.

For more kitchen renovation ideas, please call Gaelens Style at (585) 978-5154 or visit the website.

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