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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Ski Trips August 13, 2019

Whittenton Junction, Taunton
5 Surprising Health Benefits of Ski Trips, Taunton, Massachusetts

For winter sports lovers, a ski trip can be rewarding and exciting. Beyond being a fun getaway, this excursion can deliver several health benefits that extend outside of the slopes. If you’re planning an upcoming group tour, understanding some of these perks may convince you to make it a trip to a ski resort. To help boost your mood and wellness, here are some ways your life will improve after days spent on snowy slopes.


How Skiing Boosts Your Health

1. Provides Cardio Exercise

Aerobic exercise strengthens the heart by encouraging it to pump blood. Skiing is an invigorating cardio activity because it involves repetitive motion. It also helps you burn between 180 and 266 calories per hour, promoting weight loss in an exciting way.

2. Builds Better Balance

Significant balance and coordination are required to navigate slippery snow. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced skier, you can select a course that’s challenging enough to test your balance skills. By mastering this, you may find that you can hold better posture and are steadier on your feet off the snow, too.

3. Enhances Flexibility

Flexibility helps your muscles and joints stay nimble at every age, and may also reduce injury risks. Skiing is a great way to become more flexible, as the body learns to adapt to your moves as you swiftly navigate a downhill slide. By stretching before picking up your equipment, your body will be ready to practice fun tricks and turns.

4. Strengthens Muscles

Skiers call on tremendous leg strength to maintain stability, but the quads and calves aren’t the only muscles that get a workout. In addition to lower body strength, the sport also builds up the core muscles, which provide support for staying steady when engaged. Strengthening your core may help reduce back pain, keeping you comfortable when you’re back from your group tour. 

5. Improves Mood

group tourBeyond your physical health, a skiing group tour could also boost your mood. Like other cardio activities, skiing aids in the production of feel-good neurotransmitters called endorphins. This exercise-induced endorphin release can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve sleep, and help you maintain a sense of calm.


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