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5 Tips for Avoiding Baseball Injuries August 16, 2019

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
5 Tips for Avoiding Baseball Injuries , Cincinnati, Ohio

Baseball players, like many athletes, are vulnerable to accidents. From concussions and repetitive use injuries to sprains and strains, these baseball-related issues are common but avoidable. If you or your child participate, be aware of the following advice from sports injury experts on how best to avoid getting hurt while playing.

5 Ways Baseball Players Can Stay Safe on the Field

1. Wear a Helmet 

While catchers are the most vulnerable, all baseball plays run the risk of getting a concussion while at-bat, on-deck, and while running the bases. Wearing a helmet at all times, even in the dugout, can help prevent concussions and other dangerous head injuries.

2. Warm up

Many sports injuries come from strains on muscles that occur when players fail to stretch while warming up. Incorporate light jogging to get your heart rate up and loosen the shoulders, back, and hamstrings. This will get you better prepared for the game as well as prep your body for the pressure of running, batting, and throwing.

3. Avoid Sliding

As a rule, players under the age of 10 should not slide into bases while they are running. However, older players should avoid this as well if they aren’t aware of proper form and technique. They should receive training with practice sliding bags to avoid jammed fingers, cuts and scrapes, and severe issues like rolled ankles and sprained wrists.

4. Limit Overuse

Sports InjuryOveruse injuries in the shoulders and arms are common in baseball, particularly among pitchers. Those who play on multiple teams or play and condition year-round are especially susceptible to this type of injury. Young pitchers should be limited to between 50 and 105 pitches per game, depending on age, and not allowed to pitch on consecutive days. Rest and recovery is the key to preventing overuse-related sports issues. 

5. Practice Proper Technique

In addition to learning how to slide correctly, baseball players should be taught proper techniques for hitting, running the bases, and throwing to prevent injury. For instance, players should learn how to avoid the ball if it is about to hit them. Practice drills should also focus on preventing collisions while running, protecting the ankles and feet when on base, and not obstructing the runner. 


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