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4 FAQ About Car Wraps August 19, 2019

East New York, Brooklyn
4 FAQ About Car Wraps, Brooklyn, New York

Placing car wraps on delivery trucks and other company vehicles is an ideal way to advertise your business. Pedestrians and motorists will see the attention-grabbing mobile billboards, prompting them to learn more about your services. Before getting your company car wrapped, however, you may have questions about this investment. To guide your decisions, below are answers to some popular queries. 

What to Know About Car Wraps

What are the benefits of car wraps?

Car wraps can enhance your marketing efforts. Depending on the city and routes taken, your message can be viewed by thousands of people each day while on their way to work or out and about. This extends your company’s reach, helping to expand your consumer base. 

What materials are used for car wraps?

Although the sleek surface mimics the look of paint, vehicle wraps are vinyl sheets stretched over the auto body. Logos, images, and other graphic designs are created as large digital files. The files are then transferred to the vinyl sheets. The membranes are then laminated for a shimmery appearance and UV protection. 

Should auto body imperfections be repaired before wrapping?

A car wrap is like a second skin for your vehicle, contouring to every nook and cranny. This means dents, flaking paint, rust spots, and other surface imperfections can leave dips and raised areas in the car wrap. To ensure the best results, fix damage before applying the membrane.  

How do I maintain its appearance?

car wrapsDust, dirt, pollen, and other particles can stick to the car wrap while driving. To prevent the debris from wearing down the membrane, use a hose to wash it off. Avoid scrubbing the vinyl with a brush, as the bristles could scrape or scuff it. You should also keep wrapped vehicles parked in a garage if possible, as it will prevent color fading from sun exposure. 


If you want to use car wraps to generate more business or help your car stand out at a function, contact the technicians at DTM Signs and Truck Wraps in Brooklyn, NY. Their skilled professionals create visually-striking car graphic designs and wraps to help New York City businesses build brand awareness. To schedule a consultation, call (347) 312-5488. Financing is also available, so visit them online to learn more.

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