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3 of the Best Items to Sell at a Pawn Shop August 2, 2019

Groesbeck, Hamilton
3 of the Best Items to Sell at a Pawn Shop, Groesbeck, Ohio

If you want to make a few bucks, a pawn shop is the place to go. Some of your items net more money than others. The going rate depends upon what’s popular. Here’s a look at in-demand, high-earning pieces.

High-Value Belongings to Sell at Pawn Shops

1. Jewelry

pawn shopJewelry holds value better than any other item. Your old box of rings and necklaces may be a hidden treasure trove. Gold jewelry has a fantastic resale rate. For the next 10 years, gold’s value will rise, according to Forbes. A high 24 karat  gold ring has greater resale value than a 10 karat ring. The higher karat has a purer gold.

2. Rare Coins

Pawn shops are hot spots for coin collectors. Try to sell minted commemorative coins. Ancient coins, like doubloons and Double Eagles, yield money at pawn shops. Also, look for coins with high precious metal percentages. Look for coins produced before 1965, as these have more silver than other coins.

3. Watches

Watches make the bottom of this list because you need papers of authenticity. Make sure your paperwork has the model and serial numbers.  A watch’s metal discoloration lessens its value.  Also, keep your watch’s original packaging in good condition. Finally, clean your watch with a non-scratch cloth and gentle cleaning agent before you present it.



Look for the best value for your items at American Trading Company in Cincinnati, OH.  The family-owned pawn shop has served local customers since 1982. As members of the American Numismatic Association and Gemological Institute of America, the licensed dealers carefully assess your items to offer great prices. Their inventory includes gold bullion—such as Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, and U.S. American Eagles—as well as silver coins and bars. For more information, call the Harrison Avenue location at (513) 661-3633 or the West Galbraith Road branch at (513) 385-6789. Also, find a list of items they buy online.

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