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The Essential Equipment for Soccer Season August 13, 2019

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
The Essential Equipment for Soccer Season, Cincinnati, Ohio

Soccer has long been one of the most popular sports among kids, but it has increasingly become a favorite among their parents as well. Moms and dads like it because it provides hours of fun and exercise without the need for purchasing costly sports equipment. However, players still need to wear the right apparel and gear so they can play their best and remain safe. As soccer season begins, here’s what your child will need for practices and games and what you need to deal with any situation on and off the field.

What Sports Equipment Do Kids Need For A Soccer Game?

If you have custom team uniforms, then they are required to wear them during games. Otherwise, your child can use a regular T-shirt and shorts that are made of moisture-wicking material. Soccer matches and practices can make them extremely sweaty, so wearing something that’s quick-drying raises the comfort level and prevents the risk of chaffing and staph infections. If the weather is cold, you can have them wear compression shorts and insulated shirts.

Soccer shoes or cleats are the most critical piece of sports equipment during soccer games because they help your child get a good grip on soft grass surfaces. Some shoes come with removable cleats, in case your kids play on a surface that doesn’t require them, like artificial turf or an indoor field. Purchase shin guards to prevent injuries to the lower legs from flying balls or missed kicks. Most leagues, especially if your child is school age, require these are part of a regulation uniform. You will need to purchase long socks that will go over the shin guards and cover them.

How Should You Pack Your Soccer Bag for Your Kid’s Game?

sports equipmentWhile you don’t need to bring as many items as you think, packing some necessary supplies will keep your player comfortable and safe. Soccer is one of the most intense sports and requires constant running and quick reflexes. Hydration is vital during a soccer game, so bring an insulated water bottle for your kid even if they have a team cooler. Don’t forget to also bring one for you and the rest of the family. 

Pack extra footwear that they can use before and after the game. Consider purchasing slide sandals that they can take on and off over their socks and shinguards. This not only helps cleats last longer, but it will also keep your car and house safe from muddy shoes. Put at least one additional shirt, pair of socks, and shorts inside a zip bag. Bring trash bags you can use to transport dirty equipment and shoes. Lastly, always have sunscreen and bug spray with you, so that you can reapply them as needed. Being prepared makes game day a great experience for you, your family, and the player you’re cheering on.


Siefert’s Sports Center is your one-stop-shop for your custom apparel and sports equipment needs. As school and sports begin, use them to outfit your player in all of the latest gear. This family-owned business will take care of you as if you’re one of their own, and will provide you with quality products when it comes to company uniforms, high school apparel, custom baseball caps, and more. Call them today at (513) 662-1520 to find out more or visit their website to view their complete line of services.

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