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5 Signs You Need Suspension Repair from Right Choice Automotive Repair September 3, 2015

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5 Signs You Need Suspension Repair from Right Choice Automotive Repair, Fairbanks, Alaska

Cars are well-oiled machines. With a thousand different pieces work together to make your car run smoothly, it just takes a few old, worn-out, or broken parts to transform your car into a hunk of junk. Don’t let it happen to you. Right Choice Automotive Repair in Fairbanks, AK, wants to teach you how to listen to your car and figure out when you need suspension repair before it’s too late.


What are the five signs that your car could need new suspension parts?

  • Your Car Rides Roughly: Your suspension is what keeps your car smoothly gliding down the asphalt. If your suspension needs help, you’ll begin to feel every bump, divot, and rock in the road.
  • Your Car Drifts Or Pulls During Turns: While this can also happen when you need wheel alignment, a failing suspension can also stop your car from being able to stay stable during turns. If you feel this, it’s definitely time to take your car to Right Choice Automotive Repair.
  • Your Car Nose-dives When Stopping: When your suspension shocks are worn, your car will lurch or dive forward when stopping. This is especially dangerous because it can affect your ability to stop quickly.
  • Uneven Tire Wear And Tear: Again, similar to wheel alignment issues, a weakened suspension can cause you to wear your tires out unevenly until you find bald spots.
  • The Car "Bounce Test": If you think your car is having suspension issues, there’s a simple test you can try at home. With your car in park, press down on the hood with your full weight and then release. If your car bounces more than two or three times, your suspension is in trouble, and you need Right Choice Automotive Repair.

When you listen to your car, you have a better chance of keeping it in shape for longer. That’s why Right Choice Automotive Repair always recommends bringing in your car to the auto shop at the first sign of trouble. A little repair now can save you time, money, and headache later. Call (907) 322-2886 today to set up an appointment, or visit their store online to see a list of services.