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3 Activities to Aid Your Preschooler's Development August 15, 2019

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3 Activities to Aid Your Preschooler's Development, Westport, Connecticut

Although the preschool curriculum is designed to aid early childhood development, it’s still important to keep your youngster active outside of the classroom. Doing so will further improve their fine and gross motor skills as well as their ability to think creatively and follow directions. When thinking of fun activities for your little one, keep the below suggestions in mind. 

3 Activities to Improve Your Preschooler’s Skills

1. Ride a Bike

Going for bike rides around the neighborhood will help your preschooler burn extra energy and ensure they remain physically fit. Peddling to move the bike engages leg and foot muscles and using handlebars to steer gives their arms a workout. Making bike rides part of their regular routine will improve your little one’s gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.   

2. Grow a Garden

early childhoodMany kids like to play in the dirt, so put gardening on the to-do list. Sorting seeds, digging holes for plants, and pulling out weeds works muscles in the fingers and wrists to enhance fine motor skills. Your youngster will have to follow directions, which will improve their ability to retain and memorize information. These are important aspects of early childhood development. Gardening will also get them excited about science, as they will get to view the different stages of a plant’s life cycle.  

3. Visit a Museum

Many children’s museums have hands-on exhibits that youngsters can explore, which will develop their fine and gross motor skills. If you visit an art museum, head to the gift shop first and look for prints of paintings and photographs found in the museum. Looking for a few of the images while walking from gallery to gallery will ensure your youngster remains engaged. They can use coloring time to create their own versions of the works at home, expanding their creativity and early childhood development. 


To help your youngster further develop their skills, enroll them at Pumpkin Preschool. The certified teachers provide kids in Fairfield County, CT, with a solid foundation in early childhood education to help them reach their academic goals. To learn about early childhood education opportunities at the Fairfield location, call (203) 255-7505. Dial (203) 226-1277 to reach the Westport facility and (203) 926-1800 for the Shelton branch. You can also visit the licensed and insured early learning center online for pre-K program details. Become a Facebook follower to read parent reviews.  

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