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3 Instances That Require Biohazard Cleanup Services August 1, 2019

Liberty Crossing, Fort Worth
3 Instances That Require Biohazard Cleanup Services, Fort Worth, Texas

Disaster can strike at a person’s home or business and require a major cleanup job, but sometimes you need more than a simple janitorial crew. Certain situations require specialized biohazard cleanup services. Sometimes, however, it’s not always clear when this special level of attention is required. If any of these things have happened at your business or home, contact biohazard professionals as soon as possible.

When to Schedule Biohazard Cleanup

1. Presence of Communicable Diseases

When there are life-threatening diseases present at the scene, the highest level of care is needed. Anything that can cause serious illnesses such as Hepatitis C or B and Salmonella is too dangerous to try and clean up without the use of special equipment. Trained cleaning technicians use specialized personal protection equipment (PPE) and know how to clean and dispose of anything that can cause future harm.

2. Sewer Backup

biohazard cleanupWhen an accident results in untreated sewage entering a home or business, it’s always best to use biohazard cleanup services. Anything going through these lines potentially carries harmful diseases that can be very dangerous for an untrained person to deal with, which is why it’s recommended to rely on professional expertise.

3. Certain Deaths

If you’re facing the unfortunate reality of having someone pass away on your property, there are many instances when it will require biohazard cleanup. One is when someone dies with no one else around. An unattended body may undergo changes that result in problematic stains and dangerous bacteria growth. Similarly, if a homicide or suicide occurs, the police will request scheduling a specialized cleanup.


If an accident occurs at your home or business that requires biohazard cleanup services, contact the experts at PuroClean® of Northwest Fort Worth in Tarrant County, TX. The team of highly trained technicians specializes in a variety of cleaning services required after extreme events, such as fire damage restoration, water damage repair, and mold restoration. They have the experience needed to safely and effectively provide a thorough clean that will make your property safe again. Schedule an appointment by calling (817) 953-5151 or learn more online.
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