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Why Am I Always Tired? September 9, 2019

Why Am I Always Tired?, Bronx, New York

When you have a busy schedule, staying energized so you can finish work and spend time with your family is critical. That being said, medical centers often treat patients who are dealing with low energy and on-going fatigue. If you’re considering a visit to your family doctor to find out why you always feel tired, here are a few culprits you should know about. 

4 Reasons Why You Always Feel Tired

1. Low-Quality Sleep

Adults should get at least seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep every night in order to feel refreshed and alert as they go about the day. Sleep should be uninterrupted so that you can experience full sleep cycles. Individuals who have trouble falling asleep should consider exercising to tire out your body, eliminating technology like phones and television screens from the bedroom, playing white noise machines, and installing blackout curtains. 

2. Depression

Depression is a common mood disorder that impacts how you feel and think throughout the day. Clinical depression can often lead to lower serotonin levels, resulting in fatigue or the desire to spend more time sleeping. Talk to your family doctor if you’re dealing with a persistent feeling of loss or sadness, low self-esteem, low energy, and loss of appetite. Your primary care physician can prescribe medication and refer you to a therapist to help combat depression. 

3. Diet

Family DoctorWhile carbohydrates are considered a quick source of energy, a diet that’s high in refined white flour and processed sugar products can be detrimental as they cause quick spikes in your blood sugar levels. The subsequent fall can lead to lethargy and fatigue. Individuals who skip meals or don’t consume enough calories per day are also prone to bouts of fatigue as metabolic rates drop. To stay alert, talk to your family doctor about nutrition and meal planning. Embracing a healthy diet of at least 1,200 calories per day that’s rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats like olive oil can improve your health and energy levels. 

4. Stress

Experiencing stress at work or within your family unit can lead to feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Studies have also found that stress can impact how alert or tired you feel. Thus, by managing your stress with breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, or exercise, you’ll also have the added benefit of fighting fatigue. 


If you’re a local in the Bronx, NY, and you're looking for a dedicated family doctor who can help you manage chronic fatigue, contact HDR Healthcare Network today to schedule an appointment at a nearby medical center. For more information on this network of primary care physicians and their commitment to providing quality care at affordable prices, call (929) 256-5005.

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