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How the Summer Elements Affect Roofing Shingles August 13, 2019

Perinton, Monroe
How the Summer Elements Affect Roofing Shingles, Perinton, New York

Modern roofing shingles have been designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. While this does include heat and sunlight, infrared (IR) radiation and ultraviolet (UV) light can do damage in the summer months when they are at their peak. Use this guide to understand the effects of these elements and how to prevent them from causing roof deterioration.

How Does Heat & Sunlight Affect Roofing Shingles?

When a roof is exposed to high temperatures and direct sunlight for long periods of time, some degree of wear is inevitable. The exact level of damage will likely depend on the age of and current condition of your roof.

roofing shinglesOn asphalt shingles that have a paper or cellulose backing, heat and UV light can wear these components and cause them to fall apart. Improper attic ventilation can also increase the heat and moisture formed on the bottom of the shingles, causing them to fade and curl. Shingles that contain fiberglass can also become brittle and sustain thermal splitting.

How to Prevent & Repair Summer Damage?

The best way to avoid heat and sun damage is to have yearly inspections performed by a professional roofing contractor. They will look for signs that your roofing shingles have experienced too much wear and could fail to keep water from leaking into your home. They can also ensure the ventilation is working properly and install vapor barriers to prevent moisture from collecting in the attic and on the underside of the roof, which could lead to mildew and rot. 

Usually, when damage is caught early, it only involves replacing or repairing a few shingles at once. However, if your roof is fairly new and these issues seem to be widespread after one or two seasons, there might be an installation issue. In this case, you might have to replace the entire structure. The same is true for older roofs with extensive cracking, warping, fading, and rot or mildew issues. Replacing the structure will ensure it’s a sturdy barrier against the elements and prevent issues from affecting your living space. 

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