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5 Ways to Deal With Window Condensation September 23, 2019

Spring Valley, Rockland County
5 Ways to Deal With Window Condensation, Spring Valley, New York

Whenever warm, humid air hits a cold surface, the vapor turns to liquid and results in condensation. It is a common window problem, usually occurring on interior or exterior surfaces as temperatures change. Condensation between the panes indicates deteriorating seals and moisture damage. Below, learn how to reduce this common form of condensation and when to schedule window replacement services.

Solutions for Window Condensation

1. Use a Dehumidifier

Reduce interior condensation with a dehumidifier. Most homes benefit when humidity levels are between 30% and 50%. The windows will stay clear, and it’ll prevent mold and mildew growth. Place a medium to large-size dehumidifier near your windows and add charcoal versions as necessary. Charcoal naturally absorbs moisture.

2. Apply a Protective Film

Add a protective film to the outside of your windows to mitigate exterior condensation. These products force water to run off your windows instead of forming as tiny beads of moisture. Use a window insulator kit on the glass interiors to prevent fogging issues.

3. Move Your Plants

window replacementRelocate plants to sunny areas away from your windows since they release moisture into the air. If the weather is temperate enough, move your plants outdoors to keep your glass panes from fogging.

4. Circulate the Air

Prevent water vapor from sticking to your panes by circulating the interior air. Use your ceiling and box fans frequently and turn on the ventilation system whenever you are cooking or bathing. Make sure the ceiling fans are rotating clockwise to push warm air down, and install an air exchanger. These devices pull fresh outdoor air in and push warm interior air out.

5. Replace Your Windows

Schedule window replacement services if cleaning and weather stripping don’t get rid of condensation between the glass panes. Older windows frequently experience this issue because their seals are breaking down, allowing warm and cold air to enter between their panes. If your windows are several decades old, it may be time for a replacement. 


When you need reliable window replacement services, contact Monsey Glass in Spring Valley, NY. This custom glass company serves homeowners and business owners throughout Rockland County, Orange County, North Bergen County, Westchester County, and New York City. Call (845) 352-2200 today to schedule an appointment, or request a free window replacement estimate online

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