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Don’t Let Your Business Get Clogged: Call Ace Sanitation For Grease Trap & Septic System Service September 4, 2015

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Don’t Let Your Business Get Clogged: Call Ace Sanitation For Grease Trap & Septic System Service, Cleves, Ohio

A clogged grease trap or drain line can spell disaster for an evening’s dinner service, so many business owners know the importance of keeping the lines flowing smoothly.

When it’s time to clear out the pipes in the Cincinnati, Indiana and Kentucky tri-state area, local businesses know there is only one name to count on: Ace Sanitation Service. For 60 years and counting, Ace has excelled at drain cleaning, restaurant grease trap service and cleaning, and septic systems maintenance. Their professionally trained team can steer you quickly through diagnostic, maintenance and repair tasks, and when it comes to getting to the root of the problem, they are guided by state-of-the-art camera inspections to get your lines unclogged before a customer even has the chance to notice.

If your grease traps require pumping, Ace’s field service team will use vacuum hoses to thoroughly clean inside and outside grease traps. Since grease traps must be serviced regularly to keep the amount of suspended solids hitting the sewer low, Ace can work with you to create a customized maintenance program that fits your needs, as well as your budget, so you don’t have to pause and deal with situations that could have been prevented through maintenance.

If you are seeing blockages in your drain lines or sewer mains, Ace blasts through the buildup with high-pressure jetting equipment that exerts up to 3,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. That kind of power can be packed around in small units that fit neatly within service trucks, so the clearing process can take place with minimal disruption to your business—and if it’s possible to get the job done with a simple auger cable instead, Ace technicians will suggest that option to save you time and money.

There is no cleaning or repair job too big or small for the team at Ace. To book an appointment with a service technician today and keep your business running smoothly, call Ace Sanitation Service today at (513) 353-2260.