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3 Lawn Care Services Your Yard Needs August 5, 2019

Moanalua, Honolulu
3 Lawn Care Services Your Yard Needs, Honolulu, Hawaii

Lawn care not only keeps your yard looking pristine, but also safe and healthy. Though you can do your part to maintain the landscaping, some tasks are better left to professionals for optimal results, including the following.

3 Essential Professional Lawn Care Tasks

1. Weed Whacking

Weeds can kill surrounding vegetation by draining nutrients from the soil and spoil your yard’s appearance. Professional weed whacking evenly cuts down unwanted vegetation, saving you the time and backaches of removing the plants by hand. A weed whacker can also reach areas a mower can’t, such as against buildings or around trees.

2. Hedge & Tree Trimming

Trimming goes beyond aesthetics; it contributes to the safety of your property. Removing diseased branches protects other plants from infection, while clearing out weak offshoots that leach nutrients allows for healthier and more vibrant overall growth. Getting rid of weak branches will also eliminate the risk of property damage or bodily injury if they fell.  Bring in a professional to tend to trimming since they have the skill, knowledge, and equipment to get the job done without injuring themselves or the plant.

3. Mowing

lawn careWhen done methodically and neatly, mowing prevents overgrowth and results in a neat appearance. Evenly cutting the vegetation allows the soil’s nutrients to be dispersed equally for better overall health. Mowing also deters pests from setting up shop in your yard.


When you need reliable lawn care, call on the locally owned and operated VIP Lawn Service in Honolulu, HI. Offering a variety of services, from pruning and weeding to hedge maintenance to mowing, they care for residential and commercial properties across Oahu. Find out more about their services and schedules online, and call (808) 699-0739 to request a free quote today. You can also find more lawn care tips on their Facebook page.

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