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3 Common Causes of Bowed Walls August 9, 2019

Louisville, Jefferson
3 Common Causes of Bowed Walls, Louisville, Kentucky

Bowed walls in basements can cause significant problems for homeowners. Their presence usually indicates serious foundation damage that can lead to even more problems over time, like cracking walls or uneven floors. If you notice this issue, work with a qualified foundation contractor to determine the exact cause and come up with a solution. Here are some of the most common reasons why this happens.

What Causes Bowed Walls?

1. Excessive Water Around the Foundation

Water can add extra weight to the soil around your home, whether due to extreme weather, gutter damage, or leaky pipes. Whatever the source, when there’s too much moisture in the ground, it puts extra pressure on the walls around your basement and causes them to bow under the weight.

2. Heavy Building Materials

bowed wallsDo you have a concrete or brick patio or driveway just outside the house? The materials used to build these structures are incredibly dense and add extra weight to the ground around your home, putting pressure on the foundation.

3. Damage From Tree Roots

If there are large trees around the exterior of your house, their roots could cause the problem. Tree roots are strong and naturally search for water sources in the ground. If they push up against your foundation, they can bend the walls inward and damage the structure.


If you have bowed walls due to any of these issues, contact the professionals at Case Foundation Systems. This contractor offers a wide array of foundation repair and basement waterproofing solutions for homeowners throughout Louisville and Lexington, KY, as well as the entire tri-state area. If you’ve experienced foundation issues, they can fix the problem and provide the necessary solutions to prevent it from happening in the future. In business since 1944, the company is known for providing professional service and customer-focused solutions. Explore their services online, or call (502) 367-7707 to request a free estimate.

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