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3 Office Areas That Must Be Clean to Optimize Productivity August 9, 2019

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3 Office Areas That Must Be Clean to Optimize Productivity, Dayton, Ohio

If you run a business or have taken on the role of office manager, you know that the health and happiness of your employees is the key to successful work. Unfortunately, if your surroundings are put on the back burner, productivity could suffer. Here are some of the office areas that require cleaning services to optimize efficiency in your workplace.

Which Office Areas Require Cleaning Services for the Sake of Productivity?

1. Carpeting

As clients and employees walk into the office each morning, they’ll track in dirt, pollen, dust, and other irritating allergens. These particles can trigger physical reactions in your team, such as sneezing; coughing; and red, watery eyes. These symptoms hinder employees’ abilities to live up to their creative potential, decreasing productivity and delaying projects across the board.

2. Kitchen or Break Room

cleaning servicesWhen employees work hard to meet deadlines, they might use the kitchen for cooking a microwavable meal they can finish at their desk. They might also prepare a cake in the break room for a coworker’s birthday celebration. The use of utensils in this room can dramatically increase the risk of spreading germs and viruses, such as the flu. By treating your office kitchen to professional cleaning services, you can keep your workers out of bed and in the office.

3. Bathrooms

These areas are hotbeds of bacteria, and if you have a busy office, they’ll see plenty of germ traffic throughout the day. In addition to protecting your employees, having the bathrooms cleaned will protect clients from unsightly messes and health hazards, increasing the chances they’ll do business with you.


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