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The Dos & Don’ts of Estate Cleanouts August 13, 2019

Lake Katrine, Ulster
The Dos & Don’ts of Estate Cleanouts, Lake Katrine, New York

Cleaning and decluttering in the aftermath of a loved one’s passing can be challenging. There are items that you may wish to keep and some that you might want to give away. At the same time, you might be emotional as you tackle the estate cleanout process. There are several steps that you can take to make it a little simpler. Here’s what you should know.

How to Perform a Successful Estate Cleanout


Save vital paperwork.

Ulster County, NY estate cleanout​​​​​​​You never know when an essential piece of documentation will come in helpful when settling the deceased’s estate. Usually, there are still bills to pay after a person dies, and accidentally throwing those away could make the process more difficult in the coming months. Keep your eyes open for receipts for valuables, such as jewelry or antiques, along with tax forms, mortgage documents, birth certificates, social security information, wills, insurance policies, and even passwords for online services. These may be very helpful to the person handling the estate settlement.

Create separate piles.

Try not to make decisions on the spot. Instead, create separate piles for items that you want to throw away, donate, and keep. Always hang on to mementos and family heirlooms; even if you don’t necessarily want to keep them, someone else in the family might. Go over the “throwaway” pile before you dispose of anything to be sure of your decision.


Handle it alone.

While handling an estate cleanout can be a distraction from your grief, it can also be mired in deep sadness because of the finality of the task. Make sure that you enlist the help of family and friends so that you don’t have to tackle it all on your own. Give yourself emotional timeouts while your helpers take care of the basement and attic cleanouts, for example, or assign each person space to get the job done efficiently.

Throw away photographs.

Personal effects are the most precious items you’ll find during an estate cleanout. Leave strict instructions with your helpers to set aside anything that might be especially valuable to you and your family, whether it’s a photograph, an old home movie, or even slides from a family vacation decades ago. These remnants of the past allow you to hang on to the good memories for a lifetime.


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