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3 Tips for Raising a Compassionate Child August 14, 2019

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3 Tips for Raising a Compassionate Child, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Children are naturally compassionate, and parents can pursue paths to nurture that compassion. The lessons you teach kids now stay with them for the rest of their lives. Maintaining empathy will help them build meaningful relationships and be kind to others around them in child care and beyond.

How to Raise a Kind & Compassionate Child

1. Be an Example

Your child looks to you first as an example in everything they do. If they see you treating others with kindness, they will naturally do the same. Pay attention to how you interact with people every day, whether they’re a family member or the clerk scanning your groceries. If you’re having a bad day and slip up in front of your child, use it as a teaching moment. Explain that you were rude and shouldn’t have been. Having them watch you apologize and make it right will show them how to behave if they make a similar mistake.

2. Encourage Acts of Kindness

Allowing your child to see and participate in acts of kindness shows them how they can improve the world around them. Hopefully, they’ll get hooked on that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes when they show compassion. Try to do something tangible once a week, whether it’s baking a treat for child care professionals or mowing the lawn for your elderly neighbor.

child care3. Praise Them

Ensure your child knows when they do something meritorious. If you’re impressed they shared their toys during child care, tell them that seeing it made you happy. Remind them that sharing is more fun than playing alone. Focus on their feelings so that they see the reward in being kind.


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