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Brett Cohen, the founder of Integrated Training Systems, holds session at various fitness facilities throughout the city as well as in-home gyms, private homes, outdoors and office settings.

Bored? Stuck? Stagnant? Why Your Exercise Program is Failing You... May 23, 2014

Midtown East, Manhattan
Bored? Stuck? Stagnant? Why Your Exercise Program is Failing You..., Manhattan, New York


Have you been feeling stuck or bored with your exercise program lately? Is your exercise program producing the results you want? Do you want to participate in an exercise program but can't find the motivation? If these statements apply to you read these 3 power tips to help you get the results you deserve from your exercise program.

Reason #1-You Don't Have Clear Goals

Many of you started the year off with the 'intent' to exercise more, to lose weight, etc. But these are not goals.....they are simply nebulous statements. In the words of the great Zig Ziglar, "You cannot be a wandering generality. You must be a meaningful specific.".. So, to get what you want out of your fitness program you must first:

1) Identify exactly what you want from it.

2) Write it down.

3) Specify WHY you want to reach these goals.

4) Identify the obstacles you have to overcome to get there.

5) Identify the people, groups and organizations you need to get there.

6) Identify what you need to know to reach your goal.


Reason #2-You Don't Have The Knowledge to Put Together A Complete Training Program

How can you decide what types of exercises are best for you if you don't know what your trying to derive from the exercise in the first place? That requires clear goals AND a needs analysis based on a physical assessment to determine what your body can and cannot do well.

All exercises are not created equal.. Some of you will gravitate towards a cardio based program, some a flexibility based program, and others a strength based program.. But most if not all of you need a program that incorporates all of the above... plus a whole lot more, including improving your body's ability to move in all three planes of motion..


Reason #3-You Don't Have The Support of a Qualified Coach That Helps You Make The Lifestyle Changes Necessary To Not Only Achieve Your Goals-But To Maintain Them For Life

Health and fitness means more than just exercise. It means having an understanding and control over: right diet, right movement, right thought and right recovery.. It takes these four pillars of athletic performance to not only obtain success in your exercise program but to obtain success in life.

What Others Are Saying:

β€œI had been working out for many years and thought I knew what it meant and felt like to be fit, but I quickly realized after only a few sessions with Brett that I was far from right. I began working with Brett 2 months after having had my third child and 7 months later my body has taken on a different shape with tighter buttocks,thighs and more defined waist. No one can believe I am a mother of 3! I feel and look more fit and feel stronger than ever. His sessions have been invaluable to me in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.” - Dr. M. LaGratta – New York City


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