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3 Ways to Support Your Partner During Pregnancy August 20, 2019

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3 Ways to Support Your Partner During Pregnancy, Lakeville, New York

Pregnancy is exciting, but it can also be hard. For many, changes to the body can make basic activities like sleeping and eating more challenging. Fortunately, by using the tips below and working with a home aide, you can make your partner’s life much easier. Here are three ways to support your partner. 

Tips for Helping Pregnant Partners

1. Offer Emotional Support

One of the most challenging aspects of pregnancy is the toll it can take on a person’s emotions. Many experience depression, anxiety, and stress at this time as they cope with hormonal changes. Focus on being emotionally available to your partner, willing to listen, and able to talk with them about the future. 

2. Help More With Physical Tasks home aide

Whether your partner loves to keep a tidy home or enjoys gardening, it can be tricky for your loved one to manage their daily routine at this time. Try to help more with physical tasks around the house, yard, or office. If you spot your pregnant partner trying to take care of these tasks on their own, offer to help immediately. 

3. Consider A Home Aide

Sometimes, medical assistance is necessary during pregnancy.  Home aides can assist your partner with everyday tasks like showering, taking medication, and keeping track of hydration. Talk with your doctor about whether a home aide is beneficial, and only work with in-home care facilities with an excellent reputation. 


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