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5 Benefits of Music Education August 19, 2019

New York, Richmond
5 Benefits of Music Education , New York, New York

Many children show interest in learning an instrument or how to sing at a young age because it can be a fun activity. However, there are more benefits to music lessons than simply enjoying a hobby. Music lessons can help your child be more confident, learn discipline, and gain invaluable skills that will help them in school and everyday life. 

What Are the Benefits of Music Lessons?

1. Improves Language Skills

Taking music lessons and learning an instrument develops the left side of the brain, specifically the part involved in processing language. A study from MIT found that kindergartners’ taking piano lessons could distinguish different pitches. This allows them to be more capable of distinguishing between different spoken words than children not taking lessons.

2. Develops Memory Technique

Memorization is a large component of music education, whether it’s learning to read music, memorize notes on an instrument, or mastering lyrics and pitch. Furthermore, music is easily stored in our memory, and it’s used to help children remember information via ways like making up songs for them to sing. 

3. Teaches Discipline          

music lessonsThe art of mastering an instrument or memorizing a score takes a great deal of work. Kids who grow up playing an instrument or taking music lessons have to set aside many hours a week to practice. This instills in them a high level of work ethic that will benefit them throughout school with study habits and into adulthood in the workplace.

4. Helps Test Scores

Because children who are exposed to music early have enhanced cognitive abilities in areas like language and memory, they also are likely to have higher test scores. According to the College Entrance Examination Board, students in music programs scored 63 points and 44 points higher on the verbal and math components of the SAT, respectively, than students who weren’t in them. 

5. Instills Confidence & Self Esteem

Music education gives children a way to express themselves, and having outlets of self-expression can lead to a higher level of self-esteem. Mastering a skill will give your child the confidence to achieve anything they set their minds to.


If you’re looking to get your child involved in music lessons, DEA Music and Art has three locations in Staten Island that provide children with the tools they need to master an instrument, learn to sing, or improve their art abilities. If you’re interested in signing your child up for music or singing lessons, give them a call at (718) 370-7733 or visit their website to learn more about their programs.