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The Differences Between Immunotherapy & Chemotherapy September 3, 2019

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The Differences Between Immunotherapy & Chemotherapy, ,

After being diagnosed with cancer, oncology professionals may recommend a wide range of treatment options in order to fight the disease and restore your health. Depending on your case, integrative and alternative cancer treatment based on immunology can be effective. Here is a guide that details both immunotherapy and chemotherapy so you better understand your options and how to proceed. 


ImmunotherapyImmunotherapy is based on the study of the immune system or immunology. When engaged in this type of treatment, you and your health care team will work to boost and harness your immune system’s natural powers through medication, cell transfer, vaccines, and lifestyle changes. Through immunology and understanding what your system needs, you can enable your body to pinpoint and eliminate cancerous cells so only healthy ones remain. Side effects of this treatment can include skin irritation at medication injection sites and flu-like symptoms. This treatment can be given in conjunction with other therapies and has been useful for various cancer types, including breast, brain, bladder, cervical, and colorectal. 


Chemotherapy is a treatment plan that utilizes medication to attack any cells within the body that are rapidly dividing. This option can be used in conjunction with surgery, radiation, or immunotherapy. While often effective in attacking rapidly-dividing cancerous cells, chemotherapy can also kill healthy cells, thus leading to side effects such as hair loss, fatigue, increase risk of infection, and low red blood cell count. Chemotherapy is a leading treatment option for reducing tumors, and it’s been an effective solution for many cancer patients. 



If you’re based in Long Island, NY, and you’re looking for a state-of-the-art facility that specializes in integrative and alternative cancer treatment, Integrative Medicine of New York, PLLC is the ideal health care provider. Conveniently located in Westbury, this compassionate oncology clinic harnesses immunotherapy and regenerative medicine to provide effective, holistic care. Call (516) 759-4200 to schedule an appointment and visit their website to learn more about their unique approach to cancer care. 

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