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3 Reasons to Perform Monthly Tire Pressure Checks July 31, 2019

Chillicothe, Ross
3 Reasons to Perform Monthly Tire Pressure Checks, Chillicothe, Ohio

Some car owners tend to forget about their tires until a light appears on the dashboard warning about low pressure. Doing so will be a costly mistake as driving on improperly inflated tires will cause the rubber to wear out quicker, resulting in more frequent replacements. If you don't already check your air pressure at least once a month, here are some reasons to start.

Why Check Your Tire Pressure More Often?

1. Prevent Overinflation

While overinflation doesn't happen as naturally as underinflation, it is a possibility when it gets hotter outside. For every 10-degree increase in temperature, the air pressure inside your tires increases by one pound per square inch (PSI). This change, combined with the heat created from the friction between the road and the wheels can put the total PSI way over the recommended inflation level. As a result, less surface area will come into contact with the road, reducing traction, handling, and braking ability. It will also cause uneven wear and increase the risk of blowouts.

2. Avoid Underinflation

A common cause for tire tirefailure and purchasing new ones earlier than necessary is underinflation. When you drive with tires in this condition, more surface area than usual is in contact with the road, which increases the amount of friction and how quickly the tread separates. Additionally, this extra contact causes your car to respond slower when braking and turning. 

3. Save Money

In addition to helping you save money on replacements in the future, checking your air pressure at least once a month will help you save money at the gas pump. Both under- and overinflated tires affect driving conditions and lower gas mileage — up to 3% in some cases. You will find the correct PSI recommendation for your vehicle on the driver's side door jamb and in the manufacturer's guide. 


If your tires have seen better days, visit Davis Tire for quality replacement options. Since 1979, this auto repair shop has been a trusted part of the Chillicothe, OH, community. They sell and install new and used tires from well-known brands and perform a range of auto repair services, including balancing, rotating, and aligning wheels. Call them today at (740) 774-3363 to request a quote and visit their website to learn more about their services. 

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